Monday, April 17, 2017

Shop Vs. Sew 2017 Spring Trending

The first trending style this spring is the jumper! The picture on the left is the McCall's 6083 by Margo from Creating In The Gap. If you are looking for this look in a different design, the Carly Jumpsuit by Style Arc. The picture on the right is a jumper from Cato Fashion, cost is only $21.99.

The next trend is ruffly sleeves or fun cuffs. McCall 7542, sewing pattern on the left, gives you a lot of choices of different sleeve types. There is also sewing contest for this pattern from now to May 7, 2017. Simply create a top using this pattern and then post it on social media; Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to enter to win. The winnings are a $100 gift certificate to Vogue Fabrics and $100 worth of McCall Patterns! On the right is J. Crew's, Ruffle Sleeve Top for $39.50 with a coupon code; HOPTOIT. 

This Pamela Palm Linen Poncho is from Chico and couldn't be easier to make. At Chico it will cost you $89.00. By the way, this is not linen, at least I don't believe it is. I looks to be Chiffon. It should be Silk Chiffon for that price but probably is not. If you want Silk Chiffon look here at Mood. This is a rectangle with a hole for the head. Here is a free tutorial at Lucky Sew and Sew. You can also make wonderful scarves from Silk Chiffon!

Anthropologie is selling Pilcro Hyphen Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans with trimmed out cuffs for $148.00! You can totally create the same look by sewing fabric or trim to the bottoms of any pair of your pants. That is crazy! Sometimes I am shocked at how high these trendy garments are but someone is paying it! Don't let it be you.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kid Pik Review

We decided to try Kid Pik. If you haven't heard of Kid Pik it is a company like Stitch Fix, where you enter information about yourself (or in this case about your daughter) and a fashion consultant sends you a box of 7 items. We received a light sweater, sandals, a bubble top, a tank top, one pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, a headband and a stripe/ floral top. 
Super cute sweater, with hearts knitted into the fabric.
This is the shirt my daughter fell in love with. Love at first site! It also matches a lot of the items already in her closet. She is also wearing a sparkly navy headband. We decided to keep both!
This is my favorite, beautiful flower fabric sewn to the back of the shirt.
This was a free gift! She received 5 pins she can place on her bookbag, purse or denim jean jacket! Many of the items were placed in cute bags!
I loved this item the dot swing tank but my daughter didn't. I was hoping she would keep it. This part was hard. I listened to her wishes and put it back in the send back bag. That made her feel good, later when we were on the site telling Kid Pik what we wanted. We were able to tell them this item is not her style, she loved being able to let them know she doesn't like something.
These were cute but they are too short for school. If we can't wear them to school we don't buy!
These were cute too, but the weather here is already in the high 80's. So no pants!
My girls are the same shoe size. Which is weird because they are 3 years apart. Both of them did not like the silver sandals. Oh well, I guess we will see what happens next time. Just receiving mail was so much fun.  
Kid Pik did not get in touch with Sew Spoiled and wanted us to review. This was all on our own. It was totally free and we kept two items, paid for them and sent the rest back free of charge. So far it has been a great experience. There are some rules; you have 7 days to send back the items you don't want to keep and don't try it on if you don't want to keep it.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bunny Bag

Bunny bag
This is the Bunny Bag from The Makers' Journal Etsy Shop. It is a wonderful mini bag that looks like a corsage on your wrist. My sister is getting married in May and I think these will be perfect little gifts. She is planning the ceremony for the beach, what a cute accessory for the ladies in the wedding party. 
Bunny bag
This picture is just show off the size of this beauty. I can not wait for spring! This bag will look great with a cute skirt and flats. 
Bunny bag
The handle is just a little knot that sits on top. The sides of the bag are drawn in by elastic. There is no magnet clasps, zippers or buttons. Yay! These would make great teacher gifts in May! I am going to be making a ton of them. As if that is not enough, you can also buy it in a shoulder bag size!
Bunny bag
Love it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sew Spoiled Twist Apron

Sew Spoiled Twist Apron
I created the Twist Apron when my sister, who is a bakery diva, had a birthday. I wanted to give her a custom apron that was as unique as her delightful pastry treats. 
What makes this pattern different? It is how you wear the Twist Apron. Here is a short video showing you how to put it on.

Step 1: Cut out your Twist Apron pattern.

                    Style 1                                                         Style 2 (Shown above)

Style 1 
Fabric A:
Wrap Bib- 15”X 50”
Ties- 2- 6”X 44”
Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22”
Fabric B:
Panel 18”X 22”
Pocket 13.5” X 6.5”
Interfacing Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22” 

Style 2
Fabric A:
Wrap Bib- 15”X 50”
Panel 18”X 22”
Pocket 13.5” X 6.5”
Fabric B:
Ties- 2- 6”X 44”
Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22”
Interfacing Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22”

Step 2: Fuse the interfacing to the waistbands measuring 3.5” X 22”. Set these aside.


Step 3: Create the apron pocket. Fold the pocket fabric right sides together and stitch along the raw edges. Leave an opening so you can flip it right sides out. Flip it out and iron flat.


Step 4: Pin in place the apron pocket 4” from the 18” side and 5” from the bottom 22” side of the apron panel and sew the pocket onto the apron panel. 


Step 5: Fold and iron the raw edges of the 18” sides of the apron panel twice, then fold and iron the bottom 22” side. Sew around the three edges of the apron panel.


Step 6: Fold and iron the long 50” raw edges twice, then fold the raw edge of one short edge measuring 15” and sew along the three edges.


Step 7: Gather the bib short end that still has the raw edge until it measures 10”. 


Step 8: Sandwich the gathered apron bib between the waistbands measuring 3.5” X 22”, 2.75” from the edge and 1” over the center fold mark.


Step 9: Sew the ties to each short ends of the waistband measuring 6”. 


Step 10: Sew the apron panel to the waistband. (Wrong side of apron panel to the back waistband.)


Step 11: Iron the apron panel up and the front waistband fold and iron .5”. 


Step 12: Fold the ties right sides together and sew them together. Back tack right before the front panel.


Step 13: Turn the ties right side out and iron. Topstitch along the bottom edge of the apron ties and close the opening of the front waistband.  

Congratulations you have made your own Twist Apron!
Now you are ready to bake, cook and host a wonderful party! Twist Aprons make the best gifts because they are so adjustable, any cook will enjoy this amazing apron.
Happy Wishes and tons of stitches!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I have a few new year resolutions for 2017 I am going to share but first,  we got snow! Everyone laughs at us because we get so excited! But I can't help it, snow makes everything look beautiful. My wonderful husband took this footage with his drone.

Ok here are my resolutions.

#10 Make more Sew Spoiled DIY video tutorials.

#9 Enjoy selfish sewing! I make so much for others that it is hard to take time out just for me. However, selfish sewing is so much fun and refreshing.

#8 Leave work at work. This one is very hard, especially as a teacher. I need to plan better, so I bring less stuff home.

#7 Organize! Organize! Organize! That means fabric, patterns, knitting stuff and silhouette stuff. If you have a helpful tip here I would love a comment, please. Thanks!

#6 Take more walks. This one should be easy since I have a puppy!

#5 Listen more! Listen to my family, friends, and students.

#4 Make more patterns. Actually, I have made more Sew Spoiled patterns I just haven't been sharing them. I am not sure why.

#3 Eat more at home. When the stress of a long day takes over, I give up too easily and pick up fast food. It is a bad habit and this year I am not going to do it anymore.

#2 Act like a kid! I need to play with my kids more! They won't be little forever.

#1 Love Life!
Thanks for following, reading and sharing Sew Spoiled!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

3D Printing with the DaVinci Jr.

This Christmas was filled with surprises! My daughter received a 3D printer! It is amazing what kids can do today, with all of the technology out there. This printer is the DaVinci Junior 1.1 and it prints anything that is smaller than 6"X6"X6". The software for the DaVinci Jr. is made by XYZ printing. Even the software is fairly easy to use with fonts, shapes, and symbols to add to one design.
Screenshot 2016-12-27 16.54.03
Here is a short video of the DaVinci printer at work. It printed a heart locket first as a sample of what the 3D printer can do. Now the possibilities are endless. I hope our daughter sees this as a huge opportunity to create whatever she wants to create. It is hard to get teenagers excited about anything, but I think she is excited about this.

If you had a 3D printer what would you create? Purse hardware, zipper pulls, and monogram stuff comes to mind. I can't wait to try it out too.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Band Fleece Jacket

Band jacket embroidery
I am a music teacher and I love it when my two loves; music and sewing combine. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it is wonderful! Earlier this school year I designed our band logo. We had t-shirts made for all of the kids and we even played a pep rally all wearing our band shirts. I let the band kids choose what color the t-shirt would be and they chose gray.
Screenshot 2016-08-02 09.08.22
Since fall is finally here and the weather has turned cold. I wanted a fleece jacket with our logo on it. Also, last year when I attended All-District and All-State all of the other directors had band apparel on. Our band program is only 2 years old and it is growing very fast! The kids love working hard and accomplishing great things together.
Screenshot 2016-11-13 07.39.21
We are a charter school and I do get asked a lot of questions about working at a charter school. Our school is a non-profit public school. It is also funded just like any other public school with taxpayer money. I am paid the same way through the state and my benefits have stayed the same. Some differences are you have to enter a lottery for enrollment, we do not have buses so children are carpool or vanpool (Daycare) riders and we do not have a cafeteria so most lunches are bag lunches. We do have a hot lunch program through Golden Corral. We do have children who are classified as free and reduce lunch and we feed them using school funds. I love that our school is K-12 and I love teaching music because I can teach all of them! We are a school of choice and I believe every parent should be able to choose what is best for their children's education.